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BNDES approves R$ 76 million for the development of 55 medicines, some manufactured for the first time


With the funds, Aché intends to develop medicines for diseases without treatment or some more efficient compared to those already available in the market.

The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) has approved financing in the amount of R$ 76.1 million for Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos S.A. (pharmaceutical laboratories) to carry out its plan of investments in innovation and development of products.
The loan amounts to 70% of the total invested by the company in the project, which provides for the development of 55 medicines for diseases without treatment or those that provide superior effectiveness compared to the medicines available in the market, contributing to competitiveness.
Investments in radical and incremental innovations will be carried out in medicines that seek to expand the treatment options available, with therapeutic gains for patients in addition to the expansion of a portfolio similar to those available in the market. Activities on energy efficiency will also be carried out, providing cost saving and rational use of water.
Radical innovation – The radical innovation operates in the research of new pharmaceutical assets. Investments in Aché’s radical innovation encompass the development of medicines for diseases without treatment or those that provide superior effectiveness compared to the medicines available in the market, some with potential for worldwide release.

Incremental innovation – Research focusing on developing products that respond to the needs of unsatisfied consumers and health professionals, creating innovative products, such as new associations, formulations, pharmaceutical forms (e.g., liquid, tablet, capsules) and therapeutic indications, through the application of pharmaceutical technology on existing molecules.
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MSMEs got 40% of BNDES loans in the first half of 2017
Between 2015 and 2016 the share of MSMEs in BNDES’ loans had already increased from 27% to 31%. The stronger growth of this participation this year is associated with a series of initiatives from BNDES to expand and simplify the access of this segment to its credit, one of the priorities of the Bank's new operational policies, launched in January.
Technical study financed by BNDES indicates Smart Cities, Health and Rural as priority areas for IoT
In addition to these three areas, segments of basic industries (Oil & Gas and Mining) and manufacturing industries (Textile and Automotive) were defined to compose the list of priorities such as mobilizing sectors for the industry in general. These four segments were chosen because of their relevance to the Brazilian economy and its innovation agenda already in progress.