Corporate Planning

The 12 strategic guidelines in the BNDES’ 2009-2014 Corporate Planning are a central reference aimed at achieving it’s the Bank’s mission and vision when tackling its own challenges and Brazil’s sustainable development.

These guidelines are represented in the BNDES’ Strategic Map, organized in four perspectives: (1) Sustainable and Competitive Development; (2) Financial Sustainability; (3) Internal Processes; and (4) Learning and Competences.

Corporate Strategic Map

Perspective 1: Sustainable and Competitive Development. Strategic guidelines. To emphasize the production capacity, regional development, the creation of jobs, corporate governance and internationalization. To operate in a broad manner, precisely focusing on each of the Bank’s divisions. To support modernization initiatives and investments made by institutions, companies and public agencies. To prioritize investments in innovation, social-environmental development, infrastructure and the surrounding areas of projects. Perspective 2: Financial sustainability. Strategic guidelines. To expand total assets and strengthen the equity structure. To develop, expand and diversify the sources of resources both in the country and abroad. To improve management, assessment and risk-based pricing methodologies for projects and companies. Perspective 3: Internal processes. Guidelines. To use the financial instruments in an integrated way. To support the creation and implementation of governmental policies. To have a closer relationship with the National Congress, resource providers and control, regulation and banking supervision agencies. To implement management of the bank’s resources, processes and assets. Perspective 4: Learning and competencies. To value people, promoting knowledge and the analytical and operational capacity of employees.
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