Automatic indirect operations

The BNDES, in its automatic indirect operations, carries out analysis, approval, disbursement, follow-up and also accreditation of machinery and equipment as well as their respective manufacturers.

Total disbursements in the automatic indirect operations reached R$ 71.2 billion in 2011, with a 51% share of the total disbursed by the BNDES, presenting a growth of 1% in comparison to 2010. Compared to 2009, disbursements were 93% higher.

Disbursements, from 2006 to 2011. In 2006, 16 billion and 702 million. In 2007, 24 billion and 134 million. In 2008, 32 billion and 867 million. In 2009, 36 billion and 920 million. In 2010, 70 billion and 442 million. In 2011, 71 billion and 247 million.
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Disbursements are distributed per region, company size and sector, according to the beneficiary’s profile. Emphasis is given to micro, small and medium-sized companies in the various product modalities: BNDES Finame (focused on financing the production and commercialization of new machinery and equipment, made in Brazil, accredited by the BNDES and associated working capital); BNDES Finame Leasing (commercial leasing operations); BNDES Finame Agriculture (machinery and equipment for the agribusiness sector); BNDES Automatic (investment projects and working capital programs); and BNDES Card (revolving credit directed to micro, small and medium-sized companies), besides the Federal Government’s agricultural programs.