2011 Publications

The BNDES annually publishes a series of periodical and non-periodical publications.

Among the periodical publications are the BNDES Magazine and the BNDES Sectorial, both of which are semiannual. The Magazine publishes views of the technical body concerning national development, in articles and communications. It also includes summaries of the works that won the BNDES Economics Award. The BNDES Sectorial, on the other hand, is based on the BNDES’ technical knowledge applied in the analysis of projects from sectors the Bank supported or could support, publishing objective articles on various aspects of the production structure in the Brazilian economy. In 2011, issues 35 and 36 of the BNDES Magazine and issues 33 and 34 of the BNDES Sectorial were published.

Besides these periodicals, in 2011 the following were also launched: 2010 Vision of Development – a compilation of studies produced over the previous year on subjects of interest to the Bank, related to development; Investment Report (first edition) – published quarterly with the objective of making the rendering of the BNDES’ operational accounts permanent for society and serving as an analytical instrument for the follow-up of the Gross Formation of Fixed Capital in the economy; 2010-2013 Investment Perspectives – a map of projects in 14 sectors of the economy, seven of which are in industry, six, in infrastructure, and one, in civil construction.