Added Value Statement

An important evaluation indicator of a company’s social role, the Added Value Statement (DVA), in a global vision of performance, presents the company’s contribution to generating wealth for the economy in which it is inserted and its effective distribution among employees, the government, financing agents and their shareholders.

Wealth generated by the BNDES in 2011, represented by the distributed added-value, was R$ 13.8 billion, which is R$ 2.1 billion (13.4%) lower than in 2010. Because the BNDES’ sole shareholder is the Federal Government, the latter’s participation in distributing the wealth generated was 92%, considering amounts allocated to taxes, fees and federal contributions, as well as those allocated to return on own capital (payment of dividends, interest over capital and retained earnings). In 2010, the wealth distributed to the Federal Government was 94% of the total wealth generated.

Statement for 2011 Added-Value. Remuneration for equity capital: 65%. Taxes, fees and contributions: 27%. Employees: 7%. Rents: 1%.