Regional Operation

Reducing social and regional differences is one of the BNDES’ commitments, as expressed in its mission statement. Thus, the Bank makes concerted efforts to expand access to its financial resources, respecting and valuing the different realities and vocations nationwide and, in the same manner, uses different financial instruments, considers different territorial profiles, and is aligned with public policies in the three branches of government, always in partnership with public and private agents.

The portfolio composition of products, programs and available financing lines stretches well beyond the more traditional sectors of the economy and reaches individual micro entrepreneurs, including Local Production Systems and other forms of organization, besides support for states and municipalities.

The BNDES’ Regional Advancement Policy is aligned with the National Regional Development Policy and establishes differentiated participation levels in loans, both for the Northern and Northeastern regions (macro regional profile), as well as for municipalities all across Brazil, in accordance with category classification criteria established within it.

To operate in the various profiles, to maximize the alignment with existing public policies, and to complement resources from governmental branches, the bank held workshops with strategic partners, as detailed in the chapter on Institutional Performance.

With emphasis on the financing portfolio, relations with state and municipal administrations were strengthened, respecting the federation pact, contributing to discussions, to encouragement to strengthen respective management, and to support for infrastructure investments for regional development, under the responsibility of public entities. In the same vein as the relationship with states, the Bank fostered the Local Production System, with non-reimbursable resources, matching contributions made by state treasuries, highlighting the Northeastern Region in the support portfolio, as presented below.