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The BNDES’ historical data contains information on the financial position, income statements, return ratios, loan portfolio and regulatory capital, compiled and organized since 2002.  Access the full spreadsheet.

The BNDES and the other financial institutions

See Main Financial Information and Ratios - Jun 2020.

Accounting Report - BNDES

2020 March June  September  December
2019 March June September  December
2018 March June  September  December
2017 March June  September  December
2016 March  June  September December
2015 March  June  September December
2014 March  June  September December
2013 March June  September December
2012 March  June  September December
2011 March  June  September December
2010 March  June  September

December - BR GAAP

December - IFRS

2009 June September December


Management Report - BNDES

Financial Statements


Individual and Consolidated Financial Statements
2020 June  
2019 June December 
2018 June December
2017 June December
2016 June December
2015 June December
2014 June December
2013 June  December
2012 June December
2011 June December
2010 June December
2009 June December
2008 December
2007 December
2006 December
2005 December
2004 December
2003 December
2002 December
2001 December
Individual and Consolidated Interim Financial Statements





 *Available in English and Portuguese. The Financial  Information in Spanish is disclosed until 2016.


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Recent News  Recent News
BNDES supports modernization of urban security in São Bernardo do Campo (SP)
Project seeks to reduce crime and improve quality of life of the population. Increase in the number of monitoring cameras in the city and reduction of thefts and robbery of vehicles and cargo will be some of the outcomes.
BNDES Rural Credit Program has already approved R$ 1.3 billion for agribusiness in 2020
The line guarantees the supply of credit throughout the year and complements the agricultural programs of the Federal Government. Since its creation, 2,900 producers have been supported. Credit finances up to 100 % of the assets purchased through the line of credit.