BNDES - Brazilian Development Bank


On the morning of June 3rd, 2014, the first BNDES Day was held in the City of London. The event had presentations made by four BNDES Managing Directors about the divisions under their supervision, and the audience included several investors, fund managers and other business partners of BNDES abroad.

The day marked the growing participation and activity of BNDES in international capital markets, as well as it reinforces its presence abroad.


BNDES Day - Part 1/5 - President Luciano Coutinho

BNDES Day - Part 2/5 - Director João Carlos Ferraz

BNDES Day - Part 3/5 - Director Julio Ramundo

BNDES Day - Part 4/5 - Director Luiz Eduardo Melin

BNDES Day - Part 5/5 - Q&A with Board Members

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