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BNDES and Ministry of Environment continue the assessment of operations of the Amazon Fund


 Resuming the conversations initiated in February 2019, the Minister of Environment (MMA), Ricardo Salles, and the President of BNDES, Joaquim Levy, participated this Thursday, 21, in a technical meeting with their respective teams, aimed at evaluating the Amazon Fund. The meeting in Rio de Janeiro was opened by the Minister of the Secretariat of Government (SEGOV), Carlos Alberto Santos Cruz, and was attended by representatives of the Federal Government Disciplinary Board (CGU). This is part of a series of planned meetings to analyze the characteristics and prospects of the Fund.  Among the functions of SEGOV is the evaluation of effectiveness of Government actions, including those in partnership with the third sector.

During the meeting, the BNDES technical area reviewed the extensive material already provided to the Ministry, corresponding to the early years of the Fund. Also, the technical area clarified doubts of the Ministry of Environment (MMA) on the Fund accountability methodology in the past, including mechanisms for monitoring expenses and disbursement of resources. Joaquim Levy pointed out this discussion is relevant and comes at the right time, especially given recent enhancements provided by the entry into service of new information and computerization systems of the Bank, which allowed for greater access to support material for reports related to the Fund. 

Salles thanked for the opening of information and discussion on procedures in the early years of the Fund and confirmed that, as agreed previously, he will analyze the new rounds of information that will be sent to the MMA.  The Minister joined Levy, noting that “our goal is to look forward.”  Therefore, the government shall timely propose new guidance elements for the Fund, with an increased focus on monitoring deforestation and accelerating rural registrations and programs of environmental regulation, among others.

The Minister of Environment is the president of the Amazon Fund Steering Committee (COFA), which completed 10 years in 2018. The Fund, a result of donations from the Governments of Norway and Germany, as well as from Petrobras, was established by Decree 6,527 of 8/1/2008 and has already disbursed more than R$ 1 billion, distributed into more than 100 projects executed by organs of direct federal and state administration, universities and civil society institutions. The body is managed by representatives of federal and state governments (Amazon region) and civil society.

Recent News  Recent News
BNDES registers a net income of R$ 11.1 billion in the first quarter of 2019
In addition to the expressive profit, the data for the first quarter of the year show the estimate of R$ 5.2 billion in taxes in the concept of competence, and R$ 7.1 billion in the concept of cash, thus substantially contributing to the federal government’s fiscal result in 2019.
BNDES disbursements grow 30% between January and March and total R$ 14.5 bi
The infrastructure sector, with emphasis on investments in electric power and transportation, grew 71% in the period and received R$ 7 billion Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises received R$ 6.25 bi (43.2% of total)