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BNDES approves four new projects and ends 2014 with a R$ 6.6 billion record investment in wind farms


• In December, the Bank approved R$ 1.7 billion for 22 complexes in the states of Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, and Rio Grande do Sul
• Brazil is now one of the five largest global investors in renewable energy

The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) ended 2014 with R$ 6.6 billion in investment approvals for new wind power projects, equivalent to 2,585.8 MW of installed power, thus helping place Brazil among the five largest global investors in both wind power and renewable power in general.

With this, the BNDES has become a leader in financing to this sector. The amount represents an 83.3% increase in relation to the figures approved the year before – R$ 3.6 billion. Since 2003, the Bank has invested R$ 20 billion – equivalent to 7,287.8 MW in wind power.

In addition to expanding the amount of clean energy in Brazil’s energy grid, these projects will help reduce the use of other resources, such as natural gas and other byproducts of oil, slashing greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energies currently account for around 80% of Brazil’s energy grid, much more than the international average of 20%, and that in European countries, which is slightly over 18%.

Brazil’s wind farms will also directly and indirectly generate positive economic effects, such as more employment in poorer regions, increase in the demand for services and products in municipalities, and a new source of income for small land owners, as a result of land leases.

New approvals – In December 2014, the BNDES’ board of directors approved R$ 1.7 billion in financing for 22 wind farms with installed capacity of 590.4 MW in three Northeastern States (Pernambuco, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte) and in Rio Grande do Sul. The projects, expected to start operating in the first half of 2015, include the following:

Pernambuco – Some R$ 580.8 million in financial support will be used to build seven wind farms in the state, including respective transmission systems and social investments. The farms, in the municipalities of Paranatama, Pedra and Caetes, in the Agreste region of Pernambuco, will have total installed power of 181.9 MW, and 107 wind turbines.

The company Ventos de São Tomé Holding S/A holds 100% of the capital of the seven special purpose entities set up to implement the seven farms — Santa Brígida I to VII — that make up the Caetes Wind Farm. The holding, in turn, is controlled by Casa dos Ventos. Total investments amount to R$ 846.8 million.

Piauí – Some R$ 555 million in financing to build seven wind farms in the municipalities of Marcolândia, Padre Marcos and Simões, with total installed power of 205.1 MW. The funds will be allocated to the Chapada do Piauí Holding, controller of the seven special purpose entities set up to build and operate the Santa Joana farms IX to XIII and XV and XVI.

The complex will have 115 wind turbines and a total investment of R$ 845 million. During works, it is expected to generate 1,200 direct and indirect jobs. Generated energy was traded in a renewable energy auction held in August 2013 and will be connected to the National Interconnected System.

Rio Grande do Sul – The Chuí Wind Farm received R$ 379.6 million in financing for six wind farms, with installed power of 144 MW, in the municipality of Chuí. The resources provided by the Bank include an associated transmission line and social projects in the region. The total investment of R$ 806 million will generate 1,500 direct and indirect jobs and will include the purchase of 72 wind turbines.

Rio Grande do Norte – The BNDES will finance R$ 154.6 million to implement two wind power plants, Santa Helena and Santa Maria, in the municipality of João Câmara. The farms, controlled by Santa Helena Energias Renováveis and Santa Maria Energias Renováveis, will have 59.4 MW of total installed capacity and 22 wind turbines. The funds will include investments in the respective transmission systems and social projects in the region. The total investment amounts to R$ 234.78 million.


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