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Amazon Fund / BNDES announces new public call of projects in Brasilia


The meeting "Amazon Fund: results, challenges and perspectives" by  BNDES’ will be opened by BNDES director Marilene Ramos, responsible for the socio-environmental and infrastructure areas, and the executive secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Marcelo Cruz, with the participation of the ambassador of Norway, Aud Marit Wiig, and the German ambassador, Georg Witschel.

During the event 9 projects supported by the Amazon Fund will be presented, four of them focusing on Environmental Monitoring and Control (public sector) and five others on Conservation and Sustainable Development (Third Sector).
The following is a summary of the projects:
Projects with Public Sector - Environmental Monitoring and Control
Environmental Monitoring by Satellites (National Institute for Space Research - Inpe) - enables the expansion and improvement of the environmental monitoring by satellites carried out by INPE in the Amazon biome.
Forest Firefighters (Mato Grosso State) - monitoring, prevention and combat of deforestation resulting from forest fires and unauthorized burnings in the state of Mato Grosso.
National Forest Inventory (Brazilian Forest Service - SFB) - Information on forest resources, carbon stock and use of the territory by the population of the Amazon.
Green Municipalities Program (Pará State) - registration of rural properties for the strengthening of municipal environmental management, contributing to the fight against deforestation and forest degradation in the state of Pará.
Projects with the Third Sector - Conservation and sustainable development
Seeds in Portal (Instituto Ouro Verde - IOV) - recovery of degraded areas and the strengthening of family farming in the region of the Portal da Amazônia (“Gateway of the Amazon”), in the state of Mato Grosso.
Forest Assistance Program (Amazonas Sustainable Foundation - FAS) - actions in protected areas of the Amazonas state to develop small enterprises and sustainable forest activities, training of leaders and other initiatives.
Productive Socio-biodiversity in Xingu (Socio-environmental Institute - ISA) - structuring and strengthening socio-biodiversity value chains in the Xingu basin, including seed and forest seedlings, rubber, Brazil nuts, pequi and other fruits with indigenous populations, extractivists and family farmers.
Sentinels of the Forest (Valley of the Dawn Farmers Cooperative - Coopavam) - strengthen Brazil nut production chains, from collection to processing and marketing, increasing the income of the extractive communities that live on forest products in the region. The project covers 4 indigenous ethnic groups (Apiaká, Caiaby, Munduruku and Cinta Larga).
Sustainable Northern Corridor / Valuable Forests (Institute for Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification - Imaflora) - strengthen extractivism and family agriculture, through the establishment of food processing units, nursery of seedlings for agroforestry systems (SAFs) and community carpentry in quilombola communities and settlements. Development and implementation of an innovative system to guarantee the origin of Amazonian products (certification of origin). 
9:00 am - Welcome coffee
9:15 am - Opening table
9:45 am - Presentation of the activities report and results of the Amazon Fund
10:00 am - Panel of public sector projects - Environmental Monitoring and Control
10:40 am - Debates
11:00 am - Panel of projects of the Third Sector - Conservation and sustainable development
11:50 am - Debate
12:10 am - Announcement of the public call
12:30 p.m. - Closing

Meeting "Amazon Fund: results, challenges and perspectives"

Date: August 9, 2017

Hours: 9am - 12:30 a.m.

PRESS CONFERENCE – 10:00 am, with the director of the BNDES 'Socio-environmental and Infrastructure areas, Marilene Ramos.

Location: Auditorium of Centro Empresarial Parque Cidade Corporate, Setor Comercial Sul – SCS, Quadra 09, Torre A – Brasília.

The event is open to the public, subject to the capacity of the auditorium.

For information on the Amazon Fund:
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BNDES disburses R$ 25 billion in the first semester
Disbursements for infrastructure accounted for 45.5%, totaling R$ 11.4 billion. The electric power and transportation sectors were the highlight among disbursements Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises were the destination of more than 96% of financing operations and received R$ 11.5 billion, 45.6% of the releases. Investments in the North region increased by 108%, reaching R$ 1.6 billion. Disbursements in the South region increased by 10% and reached R$ 7 billion
BNDES disburses R$ 38 billion between January and September
Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 97.5% of operations and 50.7% of the total disbursed in the period, the highest percentage share since 1995 The infrastructure sector stands out with 45.6% of the disbursement volume