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The Amazon Fund receives another R$ 271.2 million from Norway and Germany


Norway, the greatest donor of the Fund, contributed with R$ 139.3 million

Germany’s donation was R$ 131.9 million

The Amazon Fund has already supported 93 projects with R$1.5 billion 


The Amazon Fund, managed by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), in  cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, received new donations from Norway’s government and the German Development Bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau – KfW) totaling R$ 271.2 million to support projects to fight deforestation and for the Amazon Forest conservation. With these contributions, the total of the Amazon Fund resources is now R$ 3.1 billion.   

Norway’s government is the main Amazon Fund donator. With this new disbursement (R$ 139.3 million or 350 million Norwegian krones), the resources donated by the country are R$ 2.9 billion, representing 93,3% of the total of the Fund’s resources. Germany gave R$ 131.9 million (€ 33.92 million), increasing the participation in the Fund by 6.2% of the total resources, with R$ 192.7 million. Petrobras donations were R$ 16.045 million (0.5% of the total).

The donor’s contributions are directly related to the reduction of gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, that is, the donations will depend on the results from the efforts to reduce the annual deforestation rate. 


Nine years: 93 supported projects 

Since its beginning in 2008, the Amazon Fund has already supported 93 projects with R$ 1.5 billion (non-refundable). The contemplated projects are from non-governmental organization (36%), states (34%), Federal Government (26%), municipalities (7%), universities (1%) and international organizations (2%). 

Currently there are two ongoing calls for proposals, totaling R$ 350 million. One of them, released in August with R$ 150 million, is to support projects for the Consolidation and Strengthening of Inclusive and Sustainable Value Chains to strengthen the forest’s natural protectors such as natives and villages, indigenous people and quilombola communities. The call for proposal (R$ 200 million), released in November, is for projects to restore the Amazon vegetation.  

The Fund receives donations for non-refundable investments in the prevention, monitoring and fight against deforestation, and to stimulate the conservation and sustainable use of the Legal Amazon, according to Decree 6,527, of August 1st, 2008.

Projects focused on the following topics can be also supported by the Fund:  

• Management of public forests and protected areas;

• Control, monitoring and environmental surveillance;

• Sustainable forest management;

• Economic activities based on the sustainable use of vegetation;

• Ecological and economic zoning, territorial management plans;

• Conservation and the sustainable use of the biodiversity; and

• Restorations of deforested areas.

The Amazon Fund is managed by BNDES – the bank is also responsible for fundraising, contracting and monitoring projects and disseminating results.



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