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Strategic Planning redefines BNDES’s management, departments and focuses


 The Bank creates a digitalization board and departments for the origination of new businesses, investment and communication consulting and institutional relations

The change encompasses new priorities and strategic focuses. The goal is to offer more modern and appropriate solutions to the customers’ needs


The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) will have a new organizational structure. The change, which involves the reorganization of the institution’s activities between the boards and the Presidency, results from the “Desenvolvendo Futuros” Strategic Planning, with the aim of making Brazil a developed country until 2035. 

Activities were redistributed from the reorganization and optimization of positions and functions. One of the novelties is a board dedicated to digitalization that focuses on business through digital means, in line with the department of Information Technology, to optimize and expedite the implementation of the Bank’s processes and products. 

Another board, which results from a redesign, will encompass the activities of BNDESPAR — the Bank’s shareholdings branch — and will have the profile of “investment bank”, bringing together the departments of Investments, Funds and Structuring of Guarantees, Management of Participations and Investment Consulting.

One of the departments will be devoted to the origination of new businesses, acting in conjunction with the regional offices, and will have a commercial profile for the promotion and prospecting of new businesses, even within Brazil. Another will be responsible for institutional communication and relationships. 

One of the goals of the redesign is to prepare BNDES to meet new priorities and strategic focuses, offering more modern and appropriate solutions to the needs of its customers. 

Desenvolvendo Futuros – The design approved by BNDES stimulates the development of transversal competences, necessary for the implementation of the “Desenvolvendo Futuros” strategic planning, it being an initiative led by the Bank’s Planning Department with support from the Roland Berger consulting firm, which has similar works in its portfolio developed for Germany’s (KfW) and France’s (Bpifrance) Development Banks.

The Strategic Planning aims to formulate and deploy the institution’s medium- and long-term strategies, from a reflection on its institutional identity and on its role in Brazil’s development agenda.

See below the new division of BNDES’s departments:



Department of Controllership and Risk Management

Department of Communication and Institutional Relations



Department of Industry and Services

Department of Foreign Trade



Department of Digital Operations and Channels

Department of Information Technology



Financial and International Department



Department of Investment Consulting

Department of Participation Management

Department of Investments, Funds and Structuring of Guarantees



Department of Energy

Department of Sanitation and Transportation

Department of Public and Socio-Environmental Management



Department of Origination and Regional Units

Department of Human Resources Management

Credit Department  



Department of Strategic Planning



Legal Department



Internal audit


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R$ 9.8 billion in positive result is over 70% higher than in the first quarter of 2020. Recurring profit, which does not consider extraordinary effects, such as asset sales, is R$ 2.4 billion. More than half of the credit negotiated by BNDES went to green economy and social development. Project Factory advances with sanitation in Rio and other projects
BNDES supported more than 460,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises in 2020 and had a record profit of R$ 20.7 billion
For the first time, BNDES disbursed more to small- and medium-sized companies than to large ones. Total disbursement reached R$ 64.9 billion and grew 17% when compared to 2019