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The Amazon Fund supports the Kayapó organization with R$ 9 million


The project aims to promote territorial and environmental management in the Kayapó and Las Casas indigenous lands, in the south of Pará


The director of Infrastructure and Socio-Environmental Management of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), Marilene Ramos, and the secretary of Extractivism and Sustainable Rural Development of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), Juliana Ferreira Simões, on Wednesday, 21, in Brasília, signed a R$ 9 million contract of the Amazon Fund for the Floresta Protegida Association (AFP), a Kayapó indigenous organization. 

The signing ceremony took place at BNDES’s headquarters in Brasília, at 4:00 pm, with the presence of the kayapó indigenous person Oro Muturua, president of AFP, and Kwyrykro Kayapó, vice-president of the Association.

The resources, which are not reimbursable, will fund the Project “Território, Cultura e Autonomia Kayapó” [Kayapó Territory, Culture and Autonomy], which foresees the implementation and reviewing of the Environmental and Territorial Management Plan (PGTA) in the Kayapó and Las Casas indigenous lands (IL), both in the south of the state of Pará. 

The project is the only one from an indigenous organization (which has indigenous members and administrators) among the eight approved in the Public Call for Projects in Support of Territorial and Environmental Management Plans in Indigenous Lands. The call was disclosed in 2014 and results from the joint work of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), the Brazilian National Indian Foundation (FUNAI), the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB) and the team of the Amazon Fund (BNDES), having the aim of selection of proposals for development and implementation of PGTAs in indigenous lands within the Amazon biome.

The project comprises actions of territorial planning, monitoring and protection; income generation through sustainable productive activities in the territory; and promotion and strengthening of the Kayapó culture. Actions of training of indigenous environmental agents and implementation of a community-based tourism project will also be deployed in the Kayapó indigenous land. In the Las Casas IL, actions of solid waste management, implementation of plantations and reforestation of permanent preservation areas and production of cassava flour will be deployed.

In the two ILs, actions of development and implementation of a geographic information system, support to the traditional seeds fair and traditional Kayapó rituals, and actions of cultural, audiovisual and photovoltaic energy production will also be deployed.

The Floresta Protegida Association (AFP) is a Kayapó indigenous non-profit organization. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Tucumã (PA), AFP operates in the Kayapó, Menkragnoti and Las Casas indigenous lands, all located in the south of Pará, with approximately 3,000 indigenous people distributed in 21 communities. Together, these indigenous lands total approximately 8.2 million hectares.

About the Amazon Fund

The Amazon Fund is managed by the Brazilian Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES), in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment. Its objective is to support actions of prevention, monitoring and control of deforestation, and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources in the Legal Amazon. It also supports the development of systems for monitoring and control of deforestation in the rest of Brazil and other tropical countries.

Since its creation in 2008, the Fund has received around R$ 3.1 billion in donations, of which almost R$ 1.6 billion are intended for approved projects. Most of the donations came from Norway (93.3%), followed by Germany (6.2%) and Petrobras (0.5%). More information


Signing of the contract between the Amazon Fund and the Floresta Protegida Association

Wednesday, March 21, at 4:00 pm

Location – BNDES Headquarters in Brasília – Centro Empresarial Parque

Cidade, Setor Comercial Sul – SCS, Quadra 9, Torre C, 12° andar 


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