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BNDES card begins funding software development


In addition to systems and applications, the novelty considers developing corporate websites and online shops

MSMEs of the sector will be benefited in double, as consumers and as accredited suppliers

Brazilian Investment in IT grows 4.5%: leader in Latin America, the country recovers the sixth place in world rankings


The BNDES Card will finance services of custom software development. The novelty, announced on Monday, 26, in São Paulo by the Brazilian Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES), also includes the development of corporate websites and online shops.

The announcement was made during the dinner held by the new board of directors of the Brazilian Association of Software Enterprises (ABES), by the head of BNDES’s Department of Products, Irecê Kauss, who, on behalf of the Bank, received the commendation of Honorary Ambassador of Brasil País Digital, given by the entity to honor professionals, journalists, researchers and authorities who contribute to the development of the Brazilian technology market. 

Competitiveness – The card already allowed the purchase of ready software, developed in Brazil by professionals residing in the country. With the inclusion of development services as fundable items, the card strengthens support to the investment of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) in information and communication technologies (ICT) so these enterprises may reduce costs and gain operational efficiency and competitiveness.

The MSMEs can use the card to order various systems and applications, including industrial applications, internet of things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) and similar solutions, and even software for mobile platforms. Payment can be made in installments of up to 48 months, at an attractive interest rate (1.44% per month in March).

“Funding software development services through the BNDES Card has the aim of contributing to the modernization and innovation of management and of production processes of smaller enterprises, through investments in new convergent technologies, such as mobile and cloud computing, social media, big data analytics and the internet of things”, says the head of BNDES’s Internet Operations Department, Ricardo Albano.

According to ABES, as the software development and production services , are provided mostly by MSMEs, financing through the BNDES Card will benefit these enterprises in double: they may use the card to purchase items required for their activities, as well as accredit themselves as suppliers to offer the BNDES Card to their clients as form of payment for services provided.

The enterprises can apply for accreditation as suppliers on the BNDES Card’s website. Simply access, click on “Seja um fornecedor credenciado”, fill out the membership proposal and list the catalog of products, including the software development services provided by the enterprise.

Expanding industry – An annual study carried out by ABES, in partnership with the IDC consulting firm, shows that the hardware, software and information technology services market grew 4.5% in Brazil. At the top of the list of investments in Latin America, Brazil has registered around US$ 38 billion in investments over the last year, followed by Mexico (US$ 20.6 bi), Argentina (US$ 8.4 bi) and Colombia (U$S 7 bi).

In the world ranking, the country ranked ninth in the list led by the following countries: USA (US$ 751 bi), China (US$ 244), Japan (US$ 139 bi), United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and India. Investments in IT totaled US$ 2.07 trillion last year. Investments in information and communication technology (ICT), which also include telecommunications, totaled US$ 3.55 trillion worldwide in 2017, Brazil having been responsible for US$ 105 billion – which guaranteed its sixth place in the general ranking, retrieving a position lost in the previous year.

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