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BNDES finances first export of Embraer’s family of new jets


Up to 15 exports of E-190 E2 aircraft, of the E-Jets E2 family, to Norwegian enterprise Widerøe, will have the support of up to US$ 85 million from the Bank


The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) has approved the first financing of exports of Embraer’s new family of commercial jets. The operation aims to export aircrafts of the E190-E2 model, the first member of the E-Jets E2 family, to Norwegian regional airline Widerøe. 

The commercial contract between Widerøe and Embraer foresees the possibility of exercise of purchase options for E2 aircraft in the coming years, which may result in a total export of up to 15 aircraft. Widerøe is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia and will be the first airline in the world to receive the new E190-E2 model. The first commercial flight is scheduled for 24 April in Norway. 

Norway has the ecological cause as one of its main undertakings (being the main donor of resources to the Amazon Fund, managed by BNDES), and the acquisition of the first E2 by an airline of the country attests to the product being the most environmentally friendly in its category. According to Embraer, the new systems and motors of E190-E2 save 17% in fuel consumption, as well as featuring lower emissions of gases and noise, compared to the first E190 generation.

BNDES’s Role – BNDES’s support has been an important component to ensure investment in innovation to stimulate exports of the aeronautical sector, a strategic industry for Brazil that generates highly qualified jobs with good remuneration.

In addition to financing the marketing of the first aircraft of a newly released model, opening up a new market, BNDES was present in the development of Embraer’s new jets family. Between 2014 and 2015, the Bank allocated R$ 1.2 billion to the project, in line with its strategic priority of supporting investments in innovation.


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