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BNDES had an increase in consultations and eligibility for financing in the first 9 months of 2018


In relation to January-September 2017, consultations increased 6% and eligibility 12% 

In the three quarters, MSMEs received half of the disbursements (a 4% increase), while the infrastructure sector accounted for 40.3% of the total


Credit consultations and eligibility assessment of projects, the first two steps for obtaining financing from BNDES, grew in the first nine months of 2018. They increased, respectively, 6% and 12% in relation to the same period in 2017.

Growth was stronger in consultations from the industry (+ 34%) and infrastructure (+ 11%) sectors. Eligibility also had a significant increase in these two segments: + 45% and + 17%, respectively. In absolute numbers, consultations with the Bank reached R$ 79.2 billion and eligibility of projects reached R$ 74.5 billion.

In the first three quarters, approvals for new financing by BNDES remained relatively stable and totaled R$ 50 billion, a reduction of 1% over last year. Bank’s disbursements totaled R$ 43.6 billion between January and September 2018, a decrease of 13% in comparison to the same period in 2017.

MSMEs and Infrastructure – From January to September 2018, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) received R$ 21.7 billion in BNDES’s disbursements. The amount is equivalent to half (49.7%) of the total disbursed in the period and represents a growth of 4% in relation to the same period of 2017. Another highlight was the infrastructure sector, which accounted for 40.3% of BNDES’s disbursements - R$ 17.5 billion - over those nine months.

Annual performance - Over the last 12 months, new financing consultations, eligibility and approvals grew 3%, 6%, and 3%, respectively, while disbursements decreased by 15%.

"It is important to note that there is a lag between applications and disbursements and that, in the last year, we have had growth in consultations, eligibility and approvals. Therefore, this expansion will still show up in disbursements until the end of 2018, within the initial estimate," said BNDES’ president Dyogo Oliveira.

Still considering the last 12 months, BNDES’ disbursements to MSMEs totaled R$ 30.6 billion, corresponding to 47.6% of the total disbursed. This figure represented a growth of 8% compared to the previous 12 months.

Regionally, over the last 12 months, BNDES’ approvals for new operations grew in the Central-West (42%), Southeast (8%) and North (2%) regions, while in the South they remained stable (-1%) and fell (- 29%) in the Northeast.

Regarding the various economic sectors over the last 12 months, the Bank's approvals for new financing increased in the industrial (13%), infrastructure (2%) and agricultural (2%) segments. As to the commerce and services sector, approvals decreased 6%.

Capital Markets - In 2018, BNDES sought to expand its role as a credit fund investor, in partnership with private investors and development financial institutions, in order to stimulate this segment and increase the access of small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure projects to other forms of financing via the capital market. Between January and September, R$ 412 million were invested through this instrument, with a multiplier effect of 2.6 – that is, for each million disbursed by BNDES, R$ 2.6 million were invested by other partners.

The BNDES Performance Report is available.


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