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In an event with TCU, BNDES presents a platform of expanded transparency


New section BNDES transparent included suggestions received from society via public hearing launched in August

Bank and Court of Auditors also signed a cooperation agreement on exchange of information and database between the institutions


The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), on Tuesday 27, presented its new transparency platform , amplified after public consultation held in August in partnership with Brazil’s Federal Court of Auditors (TCU). The new version was presented during the event “Strengthening Transparency in BNDES: contributions of society and technical cooperation with TCU,” held in the auditorium of the Court of Auditors, in Brasilia.

In addition to the data that were already available from the website about the loans of the Bank (such as project, client, value, maturity, interest rates and guarantees and collateral), the section has new information, such as the amount disbursed (not only the contractor), client size, source of funding resources (FAT, Exchange FAT, Treasury, etc) and situation of the contract (if it is already settled or in amortization). 

Regarding the variable income operations, the consultation tool provides data on divestitures in companies, remuneration and market value of the portfolio. The Bank has been seeking to improve its monitoring agenda & evaluation of the effectiveness of operations, identifying financing aimed at innovation and socio-environmental data. The platform also sought to improve the graphical presentation and formatting of files for easy browsing.

During the almost 30 days in which the public audience was open In total, BNDES received 57 suggestion forms in areas such as open data, communication, socio-environmental aspects, effectiveness and support for MSME. Of the total, 75% of the contributions will be implemented (43% were already conducted and 32% of them will be available in the first half of 2019). 

Cooperation Agreement – During the event this Tuesday, 27, the presidents of BNDES and TCU also signed a technical cooperation agreement to discipline the exchange of technologies, knowledge, information and databases between both institutions. “I have no doubt that BNDES today has the greatest level of transparency among all banks in the world. TCU’s recommendations are a mission to us,” said the President of the Bank, Dyogo Oliveira. “We cannot help but recognize the goodwill of BNDES managers to contribute, bringing information from the Bank to the public,” said the President of the Court of Accounts, Minister Raimundo Carreiro.

Also present at the event, the Substitute Minister of TCU, Augusto Sherman, pointed out that BNDES has been seeking to reconcile the restrictions established by the Bank Secrecy Law with the need to be accountable to society. “We know that BNDES has been making internal investigations and, based on them, has adopted a series of measures to improve its procedures and governance. This is an effort that will bring legacy to Brazil,” he concluded.

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BNDES profit continues to rise and disbursements grow to meet needs during the crisis
R$ 9.8 billion in positive result is over 70% higher than in the first quarter of 2020. Recurring profit, which does not consider extraordinary effects, such as asset sales, is R$ 2.4 billion. More than half of the credit negotiated by BNDES went to green economy and social development. Project Factory advances with sanitation in Rio and other projects
BNDES supported more than 460,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises in 2020 and had a record profit of R$ 20.7 billion
For the first time, BNDES disbursed more to small- and medium-sized companies than to large ones. Total disbursement reached R$ 64.9 billion and grew 17% when compared to 2019