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BNDES approves credit line for national group in the logistics sector


 The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) approved R$ 360 million in credit lines for three companies of the JSL Group (Julio Simões), which operate in sectors such as logistics and vehicle rental and sales. The group currently employs more than 23,000 people and has more than 200 branches in 20 Brazilian states, covering all regions of the country.

The resources should be invested in the acquisition, commercialization and/or production of new and nationally manufactured industrial machinery, equipment and systems – contributing to the support of Brazilian industry and maintenance of jobs in the country. In this way, in addition to supporting the group, generating positive effects for its employees and their families, this funding benefits its supply chain. 

The operations involve JSL itself (R$ 200 million), which concentrates the group's logistics operations, Vamos Locação de Caminhões, Máquinas e Equipamentos (R$ 130 million), specialized in equipment rental and sale, and CS Brasil (R$ 30 million), created to operate in public tenders.

The group will have two years to use the resources, a term that can be extended for another 12 months. Thus, the company will be able to structure disbursements according to its needs during economic recovery and, after the release of funds, it will have the flexibility to amortize the funding in up to 16 years.

BNDES Finame Direct – BNDES Finame Direct is a credit line to fund the acquisition, sale or production of national machinery, equipment, vehicles, industrial systems, components and IT and automation goods. Interested companies may undergo financing starting from R$ 10 million with a term of use that can reach three years. Since February this year, the product also allows the use of 30% of the financed amount for working capital. More information is available at the BNDES' website.

About BNDES – Founded in 1952 and currently linked to the Ministry of Economy, BNDES is the main instrument of the Federal Government to promote long-term investments in Brazilian economy. Its actions are focused on socioenvironmental and economic impact in Brazil. The BNDES offers special conditions for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as social investment lines, directed at education and health, family agriculture, sanitation and urban transport. In situations of crisis, the Bank acts in an anticyclical manner and assists in the formulation of solutions for the resumption of economic growth.


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