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Who is Who

BNDES Board of Directors is composed of the following members: president and directors, all appointed by the President of the Republic.

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Gustavo Montezano

Chief of Staff of the President’s Office

Bruno Caldas Aranha

Board of Executive Officers

Ricardo Barros
Director of the Planning Division, Information Technology Division and Business Support Division.


Bianca Nasser
Director of the Financial Division, Credit Division and Controllership Division.


Fábio Almeida Abrahão
Director of the Government and Institutional Relations Division and Partnership Structuring Division.

Saulo Benigno Puttini
Director of the Legal Division and Integrity.


Leonardo Cabral
Director of the Company Structuring and Divestment Division, Participation and Companies Restructuring Division and Digital Operations and Channels Division.

Petrônio Cançado
Director of the Energy Division, Public and Social and Environmental Management Division, Transportation and Sanitation Division and Industries and Services Division.


Claudenir Pereira
Director of Risk Management Division


Ângela Estellita
Director of the Administration and Human Resources Division.

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Recent News  Recent News
BNDES disburses R$ 38 billion between January and September
Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 97.5% of operations and 50.7% of the total disbursed in the period, the highest percentage share since 1995 The infrastructure sector stands out with 45.6% of the disbursement volume
BNDES disburses R$ 25 billion in the first semester
Disbursements for infrastructure accounted for 45.5%, totaling R$ 11.4 billion. The electric power and transportation sectors were the highlight among disbursements Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises were the destination of more than 96% of financing operations and received R$ 11.5 billion, 45.6% of the releases. Investments in the North region increased by 108%, reaching R$ 1.6 billion. Disbursements in the South region increased by 10% and reached R$ 7 billion