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Who is Who

BNDES Board of Directors is composed of the following members: president and directors, all appointed by the President of the Republic.

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Gustavo Montezano

Chief of Staff of the President’s Office

Alice Lopes

Board of Executive Officers

Ricardo Wiering de Barros
Director of the Planning Division, Information Technology Division and Business Support Division.


Bianca Nasser
Director of the Financial Division, Credit Division and Controllership Division.


Bruno Laskowsky
Director of the Shareholding, Capital Market and Indirect Credit Division.


Fábio Almeida Abrahão
Director of the Infraestructure, Concessions and PPPs Division.

Saulo Benigno Puttini
Director of the Legal Division and Integrity Division.


Bruno Aranha
Director of the Socioenvironmental and Productive Sector Credit Division.

Petrônio Cançado
Director of the Infrastructure Credit Division.


Claudenir Pereira
Director of the Risk Management Division.


Ângela Estellita
Director of the Administration and Human Resources Division.

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Recent News  Recent News
BNDES triples profit and attracts resources from the private sector for national development
The Bank attracts billionaire investments in concessions, such as sanitation in Rio, and financing for partnership projects. Gain from disposals of Vale's participating debentures and equity interests positively influenced the result. The BNDES transferred BRL 75.9 billion to the Treasury by July, including advance payments and ordinary payments, dividends and taxes. Profit in the quarter reaches BRL 5.3 billion, accumulating BRL 15.1 billion in the half year.
BNDES profit continues to rise and disbursements grow to meet needs during the crisis
R$ 9.8 billion in positive result is over 70% higher than in the first quarter of 2020. Recurring profit, which does not consider extraordinary effects, such as asset sales, is R$ 2.4 billion. More than half of the credit negotiated by BNDES went to green economy and social development. Project Factory advances with sanitation in Rio and other projects