BNDES - Brazilian Development Bank

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Apr 26, 2021
BNDES mobilizes R$ 400 million in a credit fund for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises
BNDES contribution will be R$ 225 million. Captalys is another FDIC invested on by the Bank. The initiative should benefit more than 22,000 small businesses
Apr 12, 2021
BNDES supports the modernization of the sugar industry in São Paulo
Direct financing to Tereos Açúcar & Energia Brasil group will be used to purchase machinery and equipment
Apr 7, 2021
BNDES leverages private resources to finance rural producers
BNDES launches the first guarantee operation for production of rural cooperatives. Qualified individual investors will be able to invest in income tax-exempt credit securities. The objective is to democratize the access of rural producers to capital markets. This pilot initiative will be conducted with producers from Rio Grande do Sul
Apr 1, 2021
BNDES creates new structure for issuing green, social and sustainable bonds, with support from IDB
Bank launches its Sustainability Bond Framework. Document receives assent from international sustainability company

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