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BNDES registers a net income of R$ 1.34 billion in the first half of this year
The 92.7% reduction of the spending on investment losses and the higher return provided by the variable income portfolio in the form of dividends, equity accounting and disposals, were the main contributions of the result of the shareholdings, originating mostly from the subsidiary of BNDESPAR holdings.
BNDES has been invited to be an Open Market Dealer for the Brazilian Central Bank
This is the first time BNDES will act as Dealer for BC, a status that is granted by the Brazilian Central Bank every six months to only 10 banks and two brokerage companies. The Dealer’s role is to mediate market transactions of the Brazilian Central Bank with government securities in matched operations, which allow the daily adjustment of the money supply and interest rates.
Amazon Fund / BNDES announces new public call of projects in Brasilia
The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) will present tomorrow in Brasilia (August 9th) the results of the Amazon Fund in 2016 and announce a new public call of projects for the conservation and sustainable use of the Brazilian Amazon, with a press conference scheduled for 10am.
MSMEs got 40% of BNDES loans in the first half of 2017
Between 2015 and 2016 the share of MSMEs in BNDES’ loans had already increased from 27% to 31%. The stronger growth of this participation this year is associated with a series of initiatives from BNDES to expand and simplify the access of this segment to its credit, one of the priorities of the Bank's new operational policies, launched in January.
Technical study financed by BNDES indicates Smart Cities, Health and Rural as priority areas for IoT
In addition to these three areas, segments of basic industries (Oil & Gas and Mining) and manufacturing industries (Textile and Automotive) were defined to compose the list of priorities such as mobilizing sectors for the industry in general. These four segments were chosen because of their relevance to the Brazilian economy and its innovation agenda already in progress.
BNDES enhances the accreditation methodology of equipment for photovoltaic solar energy
The approved adjustments simplify the rules, raise the BNDES participation in financing (mainly for micro, small and medium-sized companies), increase flexibility, reduce the scope of obligations and extend the deadlines for changing the incentive levels. The goal is strengthening the Bank’s support to help consolidate the market and the photovoltaic solar energy industry in Brazil.
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