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BNDES launches platform to connect investors and destatization projects
The portal will disseminate information to establish commercial connections that increase competition in projects structured by BNDES
BNDES profits R$ 8.73 billion in the third quarter and supports 267,000 companies with emergency actions in 2020
Sale of shares resulted in a net gain of R$ 4.4 billion in the quarter Actions to face COVID-19 already total R$ 136.6 billion, benefiting companies that employ 8.8 million people In the quarter, sanitation auctions took place in Maceió and Cariacica, and lighting auctions in Macapá
BNDES offers R$ 740 million to the agriculture and cattle-raising sector by Moderfrota
BNDES reopens transaction protocol for remaining balance
BNDES launches web series on YouTube to discuss environmental sustainability
Presented by President Gustavo Montezano, BNDES Verde involves experts and entrepreneurs related to the sector Interviews will be posted every Tuesday at 6pm on BNDES’s social network channel
BNDES emergency support to companies in the pandemic surpasses R$ 100 billion
Measures have already reached about 260,000 companies, 96% of them micro-, small- and medium-sized Supported companies employ 8.5 million people Emergency Credit Access Program (PEAC) surpasses R$ 70 billion in guaranteed credits
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