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BNDES allocates R$ 30 million from the Amazon Fund to register 55,000 rural properties in the state of Amazonas
The implementation of the Rural Environmental Registry is a public policy that reinforces the presence of the State alongside family agriculture producers, the project’s target population.
Privatization agenda binds public and private partners in BNDES
The distributors Amazonas Energia, Boa Vista Energia, Cepisa, Ceal, Eletroacre and Ceron – federalized in the 1990s as part of the fiscal sanitation program of the States – were, in 2016, qualified by the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), becoming eligible for privatization. It was then responsibility of the BNDES to execute such process. This role was defined in the National Privatization Program, according to Law no. 9491/1997.
BNDES and Minister of Environment discuss the Amazon Fund and “Green Agenda”
The Amazon Fund contract signed during the morning, in the amount of R$ 9.3 million, aims to support the environmental regularization process in the nine states that make up the Brazilian Amazon. It will be executed by the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), whose president of the Board of Trustees is the former mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Israel Klabin.
BNDES approvals grow 27% in 2018
The infrastructure sector stood out among the approvals in 2018, with a performance 60% higher than that observed in 2017 and a total of R$ 47.6 billion, just over 50% of approvals in the year.
BNDES offers emergency credit lines for cities in Minas Gerais
Through the line, businessmen can get a loan worth up to R$ 2.5 million.
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