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BNDES presents two new directors
On his behalf and the entire BNDES team, President Joaquim Levy appreciates the commitment, dedication and work done by directors Prates and Ramos, who "have contributed a lot to the Bank in their long careers at the institution."
BNDES registers a net income of R$ 6.7 billion in 2018
The result with dividends and interest on equity in 2018 was influenced by dividends and interest on equity received from Petrobras and Vale, in the amount of R$ 952 million and R$ 790 million, respectively.
BNDES and Ministry of Environment continue the assessment of operations of the Amazon Fund
The Minister of Environment is the president of the Amazon Fund Steering Committee (COFA), which completed 10 years in 2018.
BNDES allocates R$ 30 million from the Amazon Fund to register 55,000 rural properties in the state of Amazonas
The implementation of the Rural Environmental Registry is a public policy that reinforces the presence of the State alongside family agriculture producers, the project’s target population.
Privatization agenda binds public and private partners in BNDES
The distributors Amazonas Energia, Boa Vista Energia, Cepisa, Ceal, Eletroacre and Ceron – federalized in the 1990s as part of the fiscal sanitation program of the States – were, in 2016, qualified by the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), becoming eligible for privatization. It was then responsibility of the BNDES to execute such process. This role was defined in the National Privatization Program, according to Law no. 9491/1997.
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