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BNDES finances project for the sustainable production of biofuel in Mato Grosso do Sul
The project will enable the generation of electric energy from sugarcane bagasse that is enough to serve 15,000 homes This operation will contribute to regional development, generating jobs
BNDES supports Brazilian potato processing industry
Financing for Bem Brasil Alimentos will create 150 direct jobs, impacting regional agricultural development
BNDES and Alagoas receive seven proposals for water and sewage concession in Maceió
The auction that will provide sanitation to 13 cities will be held on September 30
BNDES to structure PPP of prison in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul
With capacity for up to 1,125 prisoners, the penal complex will have modern management and work rehabilitation of prisoners The project will rely on IADB support for preparation of preliminary studies The model may be replicated in other regions of the country
BNDES makes the equipment line of energy efficiency more agile using resources from the Climate Fund
Individuals and companies will be able to finance solar energy systems and other devices that produce clean energy and create savings on the electricity bill With a maximum interest rate of 4% per year, requests must be made with public banks accredited by BNDES The Climate Fund's Efficient Machinery and Equipment subprogram will have R$ 200 million
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