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BNDES-FAPESP Agreement Expands Support for Innovation
The agreement is valid for five years and a work plan shall be drafted to detail and monitor activities.
BNDES and MCTIC launch a National Study of the Internet of Things (IoT)
The study gathers more than 70 proposals to guide public policies and actions on the internet of things between 2018 and 2022
Press Release - Early settlement with the Treasury
An operation carried out with R$ 18 billion in the current currency and R$ 15 billion in federal public securities.
BNDES holds a Public Hearing on Lotex concession on September 26
The instant lottery business is based on a previously established and known prize structure that generates printed or virtual tickets. No external event is needed (such as a draw) for bettors to find out whether they have won.
Disbursements of BNDES Giro increase 315% in the year to August
In August alone BNDES Giro disbursed R$ 570 million in loans, a 147% increase over the same month last year.
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