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BNDES projects R$54 billion for new infrastructure financing for the 2018-19 biennium
This growth was driven by the energy projects: binding agreements grew 52%, while disbursements increased by 69%.
BNDES Memo: EGF coverage of the operation with Mozambique
The Export Guarantee Fund (EGF) is a budgeting and accounting fund of the National Treasury that aims to strengthen the guarantees of the Court of Accounts through the Export Credit Insurance (ECI).
BNDES and KfW celebrate a US$ 142 million credit line
The relationship between KfW and BNDES began in the 1960s and, in 2015, the institutions celebrated 50 years of cooperation.
BNDES approves a R$ 1.62 billion loan to RIOgaleão
The term of the financing is 10 years, ending on December 15, 2027.
The Amazon Fund receives another R$ 271.2 million from Norway and Germany
Norway’s government is the main Amazon Fund donator.
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