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BNDES consolidates support to Brazilian animation at the 42nd Annecy Festival
The festival will have the Frame-by-Frame exhibition – 100 years of Brazilian animation and also special exhibits, lectures, panels and the launching of a critique book, in addition to the official selection of eight works among short films, TV series, commercials and one feature film. Later, the expanded version of the exhibition will tour five Brazilian cities.
BNDES and CAF sign agreement to leverage infrastructure
With the support from BNDES, CAF and BNP Paribas are preparing an infrastructure investment fund that will channel funds from institutional investors to finance projects by issuing bonds in capital markets.
BNDES and IDB together launch the Infrastructure Credit Fund
Within 60 days, both institutions will announce the Fund structure, in accordance with the rules of the BNDES Credit Funds, disclosed yesterday with Anbima.
BNDES launches guide to assist managers in contracting urban mobility projects
Geared to public managers and professionals in the area, the publication serves as support material for the choice and implementation of collective public transport systems.
BNDES registers a net income of R$ 2.06 billion in the quarter
The need for the constitutional provision for credit risk observed in the previous year was not repeated in the first quarter of 2018 and culminated in the reduction of such expense by R$ 2.21 billion.
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