Percentage of the used material originating from recycling

The only recycled material purchased by the BNDES was recycled paper. Two contracts were signed: one in April 2010 and another in August 2011. Both of them were the result of public bid procedure, as follows:

  • Recycled A4 paper in 2010: 28,800 reams
  • Recycled A4 paper in 2011: 15,360 reams

The reduction is due to the remaining balance from one year to the next.

Material collected and sent to for recycling

In 2011, Edserj collected waste in the correct and verified manner and sent it to waste-picker cooperatives registered on the City Ministry and National Waste-Picker Movement websites, with the legal documentation required by Decree Nº. 5.940/06, and which have been visited and inspected.

The materials allocated for recycling were:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs = 11,039 units
  • batteries = 2,650 kg
  • organic waste = 69,859 kg
  • kitchen oil (household) = 60 liters