The eradication of extreme poverty

The Brazil without Poverty Plan establishes three operational fronts for eradicating poverty: Income Guarantee, Access to Services, and Production Inclusion, of which the latter two are aligned with the BNDES’ operations.

The plan emphasizes the importance of efforts to increase income per capita and well-being. Based on the understanding that poverty is the absence of well-being in certain dimensions – Modernization of Public/Health/Sanitation Administration (water, sewage, drainage and solid waste)/Urbanization/Streets/Food Production/Housing/Jobs/Occupation and Income/Social Welfare/Education/Safety/Urban Mobility/ Energy (electric power) –, the BNDES relies on policies, programs, products and financing lines that are strongly aligned with these dimensions, contributing with the purpose of eradicating poverty:

  • BNDES States;
  • PMAE (Modernization of Revenue Administration and Fiscal, Financial and Equity Management of State Administration);
  • PMAT (the BNDES Program for the Modernization of Tax Administration and of the Management of Automatic Basic Social Sectors);
  • Educational, Health, Social Welfare and Safety services;
  • PMI (Multi-sectorial Urban Integrated Projects);
  • Companies’ Social Investments;
  • BNDES Microcredit;
  • BNDES Social Fund;
  • The Amazon Fund;
  • BNDES Mata Atlântica Forest initiative (IBMA);
  • Pro-roads (Road Intervention Program);
  • Commuting to School Program;
  • Prouca (One Computer per Student Program);
  • Procapcred (Credit Co-operative Capitalization Program);
  • Procap Production (Production Co-operative Capitalization Program);
  • Procap BK (BNDES Program for the Capitalization of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, Components and Auto parts);
  • Pronaf (National Program for Strengthening Family Farming);
  • Propflora (Commercial Planting and Forest Recovery Program);
  • Pronaf-Eco (Credit line for Investments in Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability);
  • The ABC Program (Program for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture);
  • Produsa (Program for Stimulus to Sustainable Agricultural and Cattle-raising Production);
  • BNDES Forestry (Support for Reforestation, Recovery and Sustainable Use of the Forests);
  • BNDES Forestry Compensation (BNDES Support Program for Forestry Compensation);
  • Surrounding Area Policy (Policy for Operations in Surrounding Areas of Projects); and
  • PDR (Regional Promotion Policy).