The Strategic Management of People

The BNDES has been structuring the Strategic People Management (GEP) project based on four pillars: (1) mapping and assessing competences; (2) career management; (3) performance evaluation; and (4) corporate training, with its central link focused on developing competences necessary to achieve the BNDES’ strategic objectives.

Proceeding with the mapping of the technical competences in the Bank’s divisions, performed in 2010, refining the conceptual model for career management and implementing the first cycle of the Employee’s Agenda, a tool that allows each employee and his/her manager to make a pact regarding his/her professional development commitment. The design of the corporate training and performance assessment models is planned for 2012.

There is currently a variety of support policies and programs for training and developing the workforce, among which we emphasize support programs for graduate and language courses as well as courses and seminars in Brazil and abroad.

This wide-reaching and intensive form of support for the development of its employees demonstrates the value placed on intellectual and human capital, which the BNDES deems an intangible asset of the highest relevance.