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How We Provide Support

Support Modalities

The BNDES has several tools to finance the investment needs of its clients on a long-term basis.

BNDES Support Mechanisms

Financing - earmarked for investment projects, isolated acquisition of new machinery and equipment, exports of machinery, Brazilian equipment and services and the acquisition of goods and production inputs. Financing modalities are divided into products, according to the aim of the undertaking. These products  define the general rules of applicable financial conditions and the operating procedures for financing. Some products are considered financing lines, aimed at certain clients, sectors and undertakings and, therefore, with more specific rules.

Among the BNDES’ products, worthy of mention is BNDES Project Finance, earmarked for financial structuring of investment projects and contractually supported by the cash flow of this project. Assets and receivables (asset-backed) may serve as guarantees of this same undertaking.

Additionally, the BNDES offers financing programs of a transitional nature, which are focused on a determined economic segment. The Bank also administers some funds, which are resources to support specific activity sectors.

Non-reimbursable Resources - investments of a social, cultural (educational and research), environmental, scientific or technological nature, which need not be financially reimbursed to the BNDES.

Subscription of Securities - the BNDES may participate as a subscriber of securities - i.e., shares, simple debentures, convertible debentures, subscription bonds, options and other derivative products, in addition to participation in asset-backed (receivables) investment funds (FIDC) - in publicly-listed companies, in public or private issuances, or in companies that may join the capitals market in the short or medium term, through a private issuance.

In some specific cases, financial support may be provided in a mixed manner by means of financing to a part of a project and through the subscription of securities to another part of it.