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BNDES News nº 17 January/February/March 2002

  • Brazil and the world economy: growth perspective for 2002
  • BNDES - A Tradition in International Operation
  • Partnership with International Agencies
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 16 October/November/December 2001

  • Brazilian Economy in Short Topics
  • Moody's Rating
  • International Funding Utilizing Market Instruments and the Administration of BNDES Liabilities in 2001
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 15 July/September 2001

  • The Brazilian Economy's Response to the Energy Crisis
  • The Fiscal Responsibility Law an the Control of Public Finances in Brazil
  • The Challenge of Reducing External Restrictions to Economic Development
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 14 April/June 2001

  • Essential of the BNDES Strategic Plan for the Period 2000-2005
  • Vision 2005
  • Priorities of the Vision 2005
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 13 January/March 2001

  • The Brazilian Economy: Roundup of 2000 and Prospects for 2001
  • Results for 2000
  • BNDES - A Partner to Most Multilateral and Bilateral Institutions
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 12 October/December 2000

  • Favorable Prospects for the Public Accounts
  • Argentina's Economic Crisis Does Not Threaten
  • International Funding
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 11 July/September 2000

  • Inflation Targets: Results in Brazil and in the United Kingdom
  • BNDES support to foreign companies
  • New swap operations raise dollar participation in BNDES basket of currencies to 69.5%
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 10 April/June 2000

  • DFIs in Brazil and Worldwide: Major Trends
  • BNDES and its related operations
  • BNDES bonds perform well in the secondary market
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 9 January/March 2000

  • New OECD Competition Policies: Lessons for Brazil
  • The 1999's Result
  • BNDES - innovating in its financial funding products
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 8 October/December 1999

  • The Brazilian Economy in 1999 and The Prospects for 2000
  • Changes in the Calculation of the TJLP
  • International Funding Activities
  • Data Sheet

The BNDES and the development November 1999

BNDES News nº 7 October/December 1999

  • Brazil adopts the "Inflation Targeting Model"
  • Telebrás Privatization - related transactions
  • The World Trade Organization (WTO) Reversed Proex Condemnation
  • Data Sheet

BNDES News nº 6 April/May/June 1999

  • How Devaluation affects Growth?
  • BNDES-exim finances a growing share of Brazilian Exports
  • Devaluation: hurts BNDES - but not that much
  • Data Sheet

BNDES-exim provides financing for yet another large aircraft export sale June 1999

BNDES News nº 5 January/February/March 1999

  • Devaluation: Closer to the Fundamentals
  • BNDES posts healthy US$698 million profit
  • Devaluation: The BNDES story
  • Data Sheet 

Recent News  Recent News
BNDES triples profit and attracts resources from the private sector for national development
The Bank attracts billionaire investments in concessions, such as sanitation in Rio, and financing for partnership projects. Gain from disposals of Vale's participating debentures and equity interests positively influenced the result. The BNDES transferred BRL 75.9 billion to the Treasury by July, including advance payments and ordinary payments, dividends and taxes. Profit in the quarter reaches BRL 5.3 billion, accumulating BRL 15.1 billion in the half year.
BNDES profit continues to rise and disbursements grow to meet needs during the crisis
R$ 9.8 billion in positive result is over 70% higher than in the first quarter of 2020. Recurring profit, which does not consider extraordinary effects, such as asset sales, is R$ 2.4 billion. More than half of the credit negotiated by BNDES went to green economy and social development. Project Factory advances with sanitation in Rio and other projects