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Mission, Vision and Values

In 2008, the BNDES completed its Corporate Planning, which defines the operation guidelines from 2009 to 2014. In addition to elaborating its strategy for the period, the BNDES has established its Mission and Vision. Through them, the BNDES is committed to the development of Brazilian society in an integrated fashion, which patently includes the social, regional and environmental scope.

The Mission defines the rationale for the existence of the BNDES and determines the fundamental focus of its activity. The Vision, on the other hand, outlines the future position that the Blank aims to achieve by establishing its long-term objectives.


To foster sustainable and competitive development in the Brazilian economy, generating employment while reducing social and regional inequalities.


To perform its duties as the development bank of Brazil, an institution of excellence that is innovative and proactive in light of the challenges in our society.

In keeping with the Bank’s Mission and Vision, three integrated issues were selected as the new challenges to be tackled: innovation, socio-environmental development, as well as local and regional development, prioritizing the less developed regions in Brazil.



Ethics is the foundation on which the BNDES has been built since its creation. With this, the BNDES requires that its professionals maintain impeccable ethical conduct when carrying out their assignments. Such conduct is translated into, above all, responsibility and honesty. We preserve the respect and trust in our relations, and our efforts are characteristically transparent. Our main principle is that development is only possible when accompanied by ethics.

  • In all circumstances, we operate with responsibility, correctness, integrity, honesty and a sense of justice.
  • We respect individuality, dignity and the privacy of all; we value diversity and reject any form of prejudice. 
  • We have a vital commitment to the human rights of all participants in our relations. 
  • We build a work environment underscored by respect, plurality of ideas, dialog and the capacity to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. 
  • We establish and maintain our relationships through respect, reliability and transparency.
  • We encourage discretion and confidentiality when dealing with information used in the BNDES’ activities.

Commitment to development

The challenge to be the Brazilian Development Bank requires all of us to maintain a professional and personal commitment to fomenting and supporting the growth of a diversified, integrated, dynamic, inclusive, sustainable and competitive production structure.
We aim for cooperation between the public and private sectors, as well as to strengthen undertakings, regardless of their size. Innovation is the driving force behind this competitive and sustainable development. Promoting socio-environmental sustainability and reducing inequalities in the nation and in Brazilian society are the guidelines of our project for the future.

  • We support our operations through accurate knowledge of reality and with a long-term foresight.
  • We develop a strategic outlook that guides the desired results, while aligning and integrating all our efforts. 
  • We promote economic and socio-environmental sustainability in all our activities. 
  • We work for the reduction of social and regional inequalities, generating employment and income, and improving the standard of living. 
  • We encourage the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Public principles

Our operations are guided by public principles, evident through the irreversible commitment to the interests of Brazilian society, a focus on the collective and the care taken when using public resources.

  • Our operations are guided by the interests of Brazilian society, maintaining a focus on the collective and in compliance with the priorities democratically established by government policies.
  • We establish our decisions and efforts on impersonality, equality and transparency when conducting public management. 
  • We advocate the proper use of the BNDES’ resources, with attention to costs, efficiency, effectiveness of the processes and no waste.


We aim at achieving excellence in all we do, in the effort to carry out the Bank’s mission. Excellence is due to a combination of technical competence, applied knowledge, focus on relevance and innovating capacity, all propelled by persistent efforts to reach our goal.

  • We constantly seek technical advancement and innovation.
  • We value capacity in the form of pro-activeness, pragmatism and methodological precision.
  • We encourage the production of knowledge guided by the challenges in Brazilian society. 
  • We encourage the will to learn and the dissemination of knowledge. 
  • We value team work, sharing knowledge and experiences, as well as cooperation. 
  • We pursue quality, consistency and efficiency in efforts through collective discussions and shared decisions. 
  • We encourage a sense of professional and personal accomplishment in teams by acknowledging their contributions. 


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The project will enable the generation of electric energy from sugarcane bagasse that is enough to serve 15,000 homes This operation will contribute to regional development, generating jobs
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Financing for Bem Brasil Alimentos will create 150 direct jobs, impacting regional agricultural development