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Foreign Financial Institutions accepted as Guarantors

Financial operations abroad may also be structured with guarantees provided by foreign institutions. The following list shows institutions that the BNDES may, at this moment, accept as guarantors (the list is updated regularly):

Multilateral Organizations

  • Center Amer. Bank for Econ. Integ. (CABEI)


  • Banco Bradesco Argentina S.A.
  • Banco Credicoop
  • Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires
  • Banco de La Província de Buenos Aires
  • Banco Itaú Argentina
  • S.A.Banco Macro S.A.
  • Banco Patagonia S.A.
  • Banco Santander Rio S.A.
  • BBVA Banco Francés S.A.
  • HSBC Bank Argentina S.A.
  • ICBC Argentina S.A.


  • Banco Itaú S.A. (Chile)

Dominican Republic

  • Banco BHD
  • Banco Popular Dominicano

El Salvador

  • Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador


  • Banco del Pacífico S.A.
  • Banco Pichincha C.A.


  • Volkswagen Financial Services AG


  • Banco Industrial S.A.


  • Banco Comercial e de Investimentos


  • DNB Bank ASA


  • Banco Continental S.A.E.C.A.
  • Banco Regional S.A.E.C.A.
  • BBVA Paraguay S.A.
  • Itaú Paraguay S.A.


  • Banco Internacional Del Perú - Interbank

South Africa

  • Standard Bank of South Africa

United States

  • Banco do Brasil (New York)


  • Banco Itaú Uruguay S.A.
  • Scotiabank Uruguay S.A.

Questionnaire for Financial Institutions headquartered abroad

Last Update: July 3, 2015

 For further clarification on credit limits, please contact the BNDES’ Credit Division, via the Contact Us