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BNDES Exim Automatic

Financing for the commercialization of Brazilian goods abroad, through foreign banks accredited by the BNDES.

Who can apply

Companies exporting nationally manufactured goods, constituted under Brazilian law and with headquarters and administration in the country, including trading companies and exporting commercial companies.

What can be financed

The BNDES finances the export of goods included in a list of products (consult link in Portuguese) and associated services. The goods are divided into three groups, as follows:

•    Group I (capital goods): machines, equipment, buses, trucks, among others;
•    Group II (consumer goods): footwear, clothing, furniture, among others;
•    Group III (special goods): passenger cars, among others.

Goods in Group I: must be accredited by the BNDES or present a nationalization index that meets the criteria defined by the BNDES, or be part of the Basic Productive Process (PPB in the Portuguese acronym).

Goods of groups II and III: must have a nationalization index, in value, estimated according to the criteria defined by the BNDES.
Single items and spare parts which are included in the list products can also be financed, provided they are exported together with new machinery and equipment, including industrial systems, accredited by BNDES´s FINAME Product. These must have a value of up to 20% of the sum of the values of the main equipments.

How to request:

The financing request must comply with the operational procedures defined in the scope of BNDES´s Exim Automatic Financing Line. The forms can be obtained through the Forms and Operating Rules section of BNDES Exim Automatic.

Who takes part in the operation

Exporter: company exporting Brazilian goods.

Importer: legal entity incorporated abroad acquiring Brazilian exported goods.

Foreign Bank: banks accredited by the BNDES, will be responsible for analysing and granting credit to the importer and assuming the commercial risk of the operation. Consult the list of accredited institutions in the following link.

institution responsible for analysing the operation, homologating and releasing resources to the exporter, after shipment. It can also play the role of advising and nominated bank for letters of credit, without the need for an agent bank.

Agent Bank (optional): financial institution accredited to the BNDES and domiciled in Brazil, which mediates the operation between the exporter and the BNDES. This intermediation can also be done directly by BNDES, which will assume the role of agent bank in these cases.

How does it work?

1 - The exporter makes a commercial negotiation with the importer.
2 - The foreign bank approves the importer’s credit.
3 - The exporter sends the financing request for BNDES’s approval.
4 - The foreign bank issues the letter of credit, with the financing conditions, to BNDES.
5 - The BNDES advises the letter of credit to the exporter.
6 - The exporter ships of the goods to the importer.
7 - The BNDES makes the disbursement to the exporter.
(see  Discount Flow Chart for Letter of Credit below)

Operational discount flow chart for letter of credit (L/C)


 BNDES´s interest rate

It applies to discount operations of letters of credit. Libor + BNDES’s remuneration (according to the country where the goods are exported to). 

Classification of country risk according to OECD BNDES spread
0, 1, 2 e 3 0,40% p.a.
4 e 5  0,65% p.a.
6 e 7  1,35% p.a.

Other commissions and expenses

Remuneration of the foreign bank
The bank abroad charges the importer a fee or a spread for issuing the letter of credit. The cost is negotiated between the importer and the foreign bank.

Remuneration of the advising and nominated bank, if applicable
Expense to be paid by the exporter to the BNDES: 1% flat on the principal value for each disbursement.

Compensation of the agent bank, if applicable
Expense to be paid by the exporter: up to 1% of the value of principal released to the exporter or up to USD10 thousand  per transaction.

BNDES´s Participation

Up to 100% of the value of the export, limited up to USD 10 million per request for financing, in the negotiated INCOTERM.

There are no minimum amounts.


Up to 7 years.

Advance Funding

Limited to 50 %(fifty per cent) of the export value.

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