BNDES - Brazilian Development Bank

Support for Social and Environmental Projects

Considering the attention given to the environment and the social problems vital to development, the BNDES offers especially elaborated support for projects in the social and environmental development areas.

Through financing with specific conditions, non-refundable resources or subscription of securities, the Bank enables efforts that reflect in social environmental development and better living conditions for people. 

Investments in health, education, urban infrastructure, financial support for low income entrepreneurs and projects that reduce regional inequalities in Brazil, for example, are part of this social commitment. Similarly, the Bank finances environmental projects, power efficiency, reforestation, forest handling, forest preservation and efforts to combat deforestation, among others.

In the environmental area, the Bank also generates two important initiatives, aimed at preserving the two biomes on the planet, the Amazon Fund and the BNDES’ Rain Forest Initiative.  

The most common types of financial support are: financing lines, permanent in nature and which can be granted at any time; programs, which have resource allocation and/or expiry dates; and the funds managed by the BNDES.

Specific conditions for support for the environment


  • Support for Investments in the Environment
    Special conditions for environmental projects that promote sustainable development in Brazil
  • BNDES Forestry
    Credit line aimed at the reforestation, conservation and forest recovery of degraded or converted areas, and sustainable use of native areas through forestry development


  • BNDES Proplastic - Socio-environmental
    Support for investments entailing rationing of natural resources, clean development mechanisms, management systems and the recovery of environmental damage, as well as finance projects and programs for social investments carried out by companies in the plastic production sector.

Funds and other initiatives

  • Amazon Fund
    The core purpose of the Amazon Fund is to promote projects for preventing and combating deforestation, as well as for conservation and sustainable use of the forests in the Amazon biome. The Amazon Fund is managed by the BNDES and raises resources exclusively through donations.
  • Investments and Participations Fund - Forestry FIP
    Investment fund for stakes in companies and/or projects focused on forestry assets.

Specific support conditions for social and urban development


  • Support for companies’ social investments
    A line aimed at social investment projects within the external and internal scope of the organization.
  • Support for Environmental Sanitation and Water Resource projects
    A line aimed at investments focused on the globalization of access to basic sanitation services.
  • Support for Urban Transport Structuring projects
    A line for investments in public sector transport, covering the urban space surrounding the project.
  • BNDES States
    Support for the management of Brazilian states to formulate and implement integrated development programs.
    Support for Brazilian cities to modernize tax management and management of basic social sectors. 
  • PMAE
    Support for the modernization of income management, as well as tax, financial and equity management of state administration. 
  • PMI – Support for Integrated, Multi-sectorial, Urban investments
    A line aimed at projects integrating the planning and efforts of municipal agents in several sectors to minimize structural problems in urban centers.


    Financing the recovery of companies in the industrial sector by  financing the consolidation of self-managing projects brought about by bankruptcy or closure of production plants. 
    Support for credit operations for the acquisition of new machinery and equipment, for interventions in public streets and roads.


  • Social Fund
    Managed by the BNDES, the Social Fund’s objective is to support projects in areas such as employment and income development, urban services, health, education and sports, justice, the environment, rural development and others linked to regional and social development.

Recent News  Recent News
Approval of BNDES credit for machinery and equipment increases 38% in the first quadrimester
BNDES Finame, credit line for capital goods, registers increase of almost 200% in approvals for the Industry between January and April
BNDES gathers experiences from world development banks to start elaborating its long-term strategy
Four months after deeply reformulating its operational policies, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) begins the process of internal reflection that will lead to the development of a medium and long-term strategy, with guidelines until 2030. By the end of the year, a cycle of discussions involving the Bank’s technical staff will discuss what should be the role and performance of BNDES in an economy with low inflation and interest rates. The first step last Friday (05/05) was the accomplishment of the international seminar “The role of development banks in the present and in the future: experiences, opportunities and challenges,” organized in partnership with the World Bank, which gathered executives from eight international institutions and employees from BNDES, for a whole day. The event also marked the beginning of a series of activities to celebrate the 65 years of BNDES, which will be completed in June.