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The BNDES System

The BNDES has three integral subsidiaries: FINAME, BNDESPAR and BNDES PLC. Together, the four companies comprise the BNDES System.

FINAME’s resources are earmarked for financing purchase and sales operations and exports of Brazilian machinery and equipment, as well as imports of goods of the same nature produced overseas. Its activities are developed in conjunction with the collaboration of the BNDES, which in turn is responsible for FINAME. However, the management of this agency is responsibility of its Administrative Board.

BNDESPAR is a business corporation, which has been established as an integral subsidiary of the BNDES. It carries out capitalization operations of undertakings controlled by private groups, while abiding by the BNDES’ plans and policies.

Among the other goals, the subsidiary is responsible for contributing to the strengthening of Brazil’s capital market by expanding the offer of securities and democratizing the ownership of company capital.

For further details on the structure of BNDESPAR and FINAME, please refer to the Basic Legislation of the BNDES System.

Please read further information on BNDES PLC.


Recent News  Recent News
BNDES approves R$ 1.1 bn bridge loan for Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro
The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) approved a bridge loan in the amount of R$ 1.106 billion to the concessionaire Aeroporto Rio de Janeiro S.A. which will operate the Antonio Carlos Jobim/Galeão International Airport for 25 years. The amount represents 70% of the expenses for the project’s eligible items, which will be incurred in the first 18 months of investment.
BNDES signs agreement to boost stimulate low carbon agriculture
The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle-raising and Food Supply, the Brazilian Agriculture and Cattle-raising Research Corporation, the Brazilian Federation of Banks, the FEBRABAN Institute of Education, the Brazilian Association of Development Finance Institutions and the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Cattle-raising signed a technical cooperation agreement to help eligible projects obtain easier financing for low carbon agriculture.