Socio-environmental efforts and policy

The socio-environmental policy guides the BNDES System’s operations to promote sustainable development in all supported undertakings, considering the integrated conception of the economic, social, environmental and regional dimensions, as well as the commitment to present and future generations.

The socio-environmental policy reinforces both the application of socio-environmental guidelines in the creation of BNDES products, lines, programs and resources, as well as practice that is more aligned with incorporating social and environmental issues into the BNDES’ main operational macro process: the sequence for granting financial support, as presented in chapter on Governance.

In a dynamic manner, it consolidates the institution’s existing practices and incorporates new instruments while they are being developed. The socio-environmental policy considers the commitments assumed by the Bank in the Social and Environmental Responsibility’s Protocol of Intent – the New Green Protocol – and in the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Policy of the BNDES System.