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Telecommunications Sector: Ranking e Profile of the Companies
Rio de Janeiro

The intention of this edition of Infrastructure Booklets, devoted to the Telecommunications Sector, is to present, in a systematic form, information on the financial-economic and operational-technical performance of all the companies which provide telecommunications services in Brazil, comprising the TELEBRÁS holding company, its local operators and EMBRATEL, as well as the independent companies operating in the sector.
The work attempts to define the situation of each company, both individually and in relation to the sector, focusing on the characteristics of the market and performance in the last three years.
The booklet has been divided into three volumes. The first - SECTORIAL RANKING 1997 - gives a brief overview of the Brazilian Telecommunications Sector and the Sectorial Ranking itself, covering the twenty-seven TELEBRÁS System operators and the four independent local operators, based on 1996 figures. The second volume - OPERATOR PROFILE I - presents comments on the financial-economic performance and other relevant information relating to the TELEBRÁS holding company, EMBRATEL and the twelve operators whose shares are traded publicly and/or have a turnover of more than R$ 500 million. The third volume - OPERATOR PROFILE II - complements the second, with consolidated data relating to the remaining nineteen local operators listed in the Sectorial Ranking.

Number of pages: 87

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