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Climate Fund Program

The Climate Fund Program aims to apply the portion of reimbursable funds from the National Fund on Climate Change, or Climate Fund, created by the Law 12,114 in 12/09/2009 and regulated by Decree 7,343, from 10/26/2010.

The Climate Fund is one of the instruments of the National Policy on Climate Change and is on an accounting nature background, linked to the Ministry of Environment to guarantee funds to support projects or studies and financing of projects that aim to mitigate climate change.


To support the implementation of projects, the acquisition of machinery and equipment and technological development related to the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change and its effects.

The Climate Fund Program has ten sub-programs:

  • Urban Mobility:
    Intended for projects that will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and local pollutants in the urban public transport and improve urban mobility in metropolitan areas.
  • Sustainable Cities and Climate Change:
    Support for projects that increase the sustainability of cities, improving its global efficiency and reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources. 
  • Efficient Machinery and Equipment:
    Focused on financing, acquisition and production of machinery and equipment with higher energy efficiency indexes or that contribute to the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Renewable Energies:
    Support for investment in generation and local distribution of renewable energy from biomass use, except for sugar cane, from the capture of solar radiation, from the oceans and wind power in the case of isolated systems; and investments in technological development-oriented activities in the solar power sector, from oceans, from wind power and biomass, as well as for the development of the productive chain of the sectors of solar power and oceans.
  • Solid Waste:
    Support for projects of rationalization of urban cleaning and waste disposal, preferably with utilization for power generation located in one of the priority municipalities identified by the Ministry of the Environment. 
  • Charcoal:
    Intended for investments to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the production of charcoal.
  • Combating Desertification:
    Support to combat desertification through projects of restoration of biomes and through sustainable productive activities located in the municipalities susceptible to desertification identified in the Atlas of the Ministry of Environment.
  • Native Forests:
    Focused on projects associated with sustainable forest management; to the forest planting with native species, including the production chain; to the processing; and consumption of forest products of sustainable origin; as well as to the technological development of these activities.
  • Management and Carbon Services:
    Intended for projects that improve the management of carbon emissions or that effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Innovative Projects:
    Support for innovative projects related to supported enterprises in other sub-programs of the Climate Fund Program.

Duration: up to 12/28/2017

Learn more: Calculator of GHG emission reduction in projects financed by the Climate Fund.*

* The calculation instrument and the manual are only available in Portuguese.