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Gender Equity and Valorization of Diversity Policy of the BNDES System



Art. 1 The Gender Equity and Valorization of Diversity Policy of the BNDES System reaffirms the permanent commitment of the BNDES System to contribute to the elimination of all forms of inequality and discrimination in its working environment and in the institutions that participate in its relationship chains.

Art. 2 For the BNDES System, valuing diversity encompasses the respect for the life and dignity of every human being, considering all of types of manifestation of differences, genders and sexual orientations, races and ethnicities, religions, cultures, political beliefs, among others.



Art. 3 The following principles guide the actions of the BNDES System:

  1. Commitment: understanding the sociocultural factors that can exacerbate gender inequality and disrespect to diversity in order to adopt appropriate methods and tools for promoting equal rights, and to combat any type of discrimination in its internal environment and relationship chains;
  2. Transparency: acting transparently and being accountable for its actions towards society;
  3. Communication: providing specific communication channels to receive allegations, complaints and suggestions concerning the issues of gender and diversity that may occur in projects and programs supported by the BNDES System, as well as in its internal environment;
  4. Alignment with public policy: acting according to national public policies regarding gender and diversity;
  5. Encouragement: encouraging projects and programs that contribute to gender equality and to the empowerment of women; and
  6. Competences: promoting the training and development of staff on issues of gender and diversity and acting in the formation and management of knowledge on the subject.



Art. 4 The BNDES System in its corporate environment and in its relations with the company shall be guided by the following guidelines regarding the theme of gender equity and valorization of diversity:

  1. to be recognized as an inclusive institution, able to understand and meet the needs of our society;
  2. to act on the eradication of all forms of discrimination and violence against women;
  3. to enable differentiated conditions of personal and professional development for its employees, including contractors and service providers, whenever possible;
  4. to seek gender balance in the composition of the Executive Board;
  5. to make the business environment more receptive to human diversity;
  6. to contribute to the elimination of all forms of discrimination in access, compensation, development opportunities, internal operation, ascension and permanence in employment;
  7. to encourage all suppliers, partners and beneficiaries of the relationship chain to adopt policies of valorization of women, promotion of gender equity and respect for diversity in their internal and external relations;
  8. to induce practices of beneficiaries of financial support to promote an environment free from discrimination;
  9. to stimulate projects that generate income and employment opportunities for women, directly benefiting them, or facilitating their participation in development; and
  10. to recognize and disseminate publicly the commitment to gender equity and valorization of diversity in the world of work.



Art. 5 The implementation of the Guidelines of this Policy will be accomplished through a Work Plan developed by representatives appointed by the BNDES System units and coordinated by ARH. This Plan will include the development of a Practices Booklet.

§1st. The Work Plan will be approved and accompanied by the Planning Committee.

§2nd. Prior to its approval by the Planning Committee, the Work Plan will be submitted for consideration of the social and environmental sustainability and, regarding personnel management, the Human Resources Management Committee.



Art. 6 This Gender Equity and Valorization of Diversity Policy will be reviewed and updated at least every 5 (five) years.


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